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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Impulse knitting!

Uh, okay, I'm attempting to revive this blog. Or at least continue it in 2-year increments. Well I think it will be better going forward, as I was busy at Toy Design school for the last two years, and now that I've graduated and enjoyed a summer of "funemployment," I'm trying my best to live like a part-time bum (doing freelance work here and there).

I impulsively decided to try this pattern from my Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation book, as I had a big stash of unused yarn, and I had just figured out what I would be for Halloween and was excited to accessorize.

Well, it's not likely that I'll finish this in time for Halloween festivities, but it was a good motivation to at least figure out how to use double-pointed needles for the first time, and I might still use them as the weather gets colder.

I found a giant skein of pink worsted weight acrylic for the main color and also another skein of pink and off-white to use for the stripes. The stripe yarns were a heavier weight, but I figured since it was just for 4 rows each, plus it would all stretch out when I wear it anyway, I figured it would be okay.

BTW I finished a quarter of this project while watching Project Runway on DVR and Wolverine: X-Men Origins on Netflix with my roommate (who is just learning to knit!). Wolverine was surprisingly bad, almost comically bad, despite gloriously hot Hugh Jackman and beautiful Daniel Henney (who was cast as the bad guy, sadly. Why are all the Asians cast as bad guys??). Really bad special effects and bizarre unfunny plots like the boxing fat bastard-esque character. And what was Will.I.Am of Black-Eyed Peas doing in this movie???

Hello Daniel. Can I be your Hello Kitty?

Anyway, more pics to come to reveal the rest of my half-crafted Halloween costume!


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