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Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, you seductive fabric, YOU

Usually what compels me to want to sew something is finding an enticing fabric. Like the other day, I found these on sale and couldn't leave Joann Fabrics without them:

So I started browsing dress patterns for ideas, and discovered that Vogue had re-issued vintage dress patterns from the 1940s & '50s, like these!

Ooh, re-issued vintage dress patterns

Oh man. Then I found maybe 10 dress patterns I wanted to try, but it's been ages since I've sewn apparel, so I settled on a simpler one that I could try. Eventually I got myself out of the store, and this was my haul from Joann Fabrics:

Craft Haul

But I also have a stash of fun fabrics left over, some from NY Elegant (a shop that was recommended to me by Fashion Designer, Diana Eng). That's where I had found the fabric that I used for my cute reversible apron and also this fabric that is out of this WORLD:


I mean, just look at those colors, rockets, buildings, and Barbarella-inspired pin-up girls! How could I resist?

So I have some plans for those, in addition to this quilt that I'm working on, that uses fabrics from my stash, Joann Fabrics, & Brooklyn's Fiber Notion (Park Slope).

(That orange gingham is leftover from my apron, and the yellow's leftover from my dessert quilt.) Now excuse me while I go iron & trim some of that fabric.

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