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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Quilt Sneak Peek

I've been chugging away at this quilt, which has had some odd cosmic coincidences with current events, but anyway here's a sneak peek.

Quilting is a good exercise in patience & planning something that requires many steps. When I've been sitting at my computer too long, it's nice to stretch my back, get some feeling back in my numbed butt, walk over to my handmade project and just complete another step.

Plus, it's a treat to finally put my stash of fun fabrics to use.

trimmed squares & sashes

This is my second quilt project ever, but my first attempt at appliqué. So I tried out a few different methods before I found one that I preferred. I learned a lot about dealing with different types of shapes and sizes. Maybe I'll blog about that later.

sneak peek of my project

Sometimes I found myself getting distracted with testing the funny stitches on my new sewing machine:

Scrap fabric

There's even one that draws a tiny bicycle! Or dog or car or rocket! (I figured out later that I should be using the thread-cutter & tack button, so I wouldn't have all those crazy thread ends flying all over the place.)

It's kind of nuts to me what a sewing machine can do, and that you can get one for a couple hundred bucks or less. (Though I know there are fancier ones that run for thousands!)

The other day, my friend Angie came over and noticed that it can stitch greek letters!? --which I frankly think is silly, but... if any fraternities or sororities wanna commission a personalized piece, I guess they can call me?

Uhh, anyway I better go finish this quilt so I can have it ready as a gift for my trip... in a few days!

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