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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

I literally hand-stitched the last 6 inches of the binding (that's what's used on the border of the quilt) in a cab on the way to dinner in New York, for my cousin Bill's birthday. I barely finished it in time for his new baby, before I flew out of New York the next morning. Bill sent me a picture of the quilt, since I didn't get to do that before I gave it to him: 

I tried to keep it gender neutral as I sewed it, because my cousin kept the baby gender secret until it was born.

Toward the end, I decided to improvise a more casual pattern on the flannel lining to make use of some cute froggy & monster fabric:

This measures about 50x50 inches. I may post more about how I made this later. I was happy to finally put my hoard of adorable fabrics to use. I'm glad that Bill & his family seem to like it.

It took a long time, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing another quilt, but I still want to try to make another. Hopefully it'll get faster as I do more of them ...like the drawing exercises I'm doing now at Imaginism Studios!

In the meantime, my crafting will be on a little hiatus, while I am focusing on my drawing and painting skills in Toronto. I'm not even taking any phone calls or texts until July 4! WILD.

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